Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Softbums Dry Touch Pod vs Softbums original Dry Touch Super Pod

Softbums has had a variety of pods available over the years. I have recently acquired a few and decided to put my pods to the test to see how much liquid the older Dry Touch pods would hold compared to the older version of the Dry Touch Super pod.
Left: Dry Touch Super  /  Right: Dry Touch

I started by folding each pod in half and placing it in a baking dish. The pod on the left is the Dry Touch Super on the right is the Dry Touch. I then added one ounce (30 ml / 1/8 cup) at a time to the pods.

Left: Dry Touch Super  /  Right: Dry Touch

While it is difficult to see in the picture, after 10 oz (approx 300 ml / 1&1/8 cup) the Dry Touch pod hit it's limit.

10 oz in the Dry Touch Pod

The older Dry Touch Super kept on going. At 16 oz (approx 500 ml / 2 cups) the Dry Touch Super was completely saturated and began to drip.

16 oz in the Dry Touch Super Pod

In conclusion, the Dry Touch Super holds 60% more fluid than the Dry Touch. Obviously this does not mean that you should expect your pods to hold 2 cups of pee, as when the pod is in a diaper it will be squished, moved about and will not hold as much liquid. This is just to give you an idea of the difference in absorbancy.

I should also note that the Dry Touch Super pod I used was only a few weeks old, and still looks and feels brand new (been through approximately 6-8 wash cycles), while the Dry Touch pod came to me used and has had much more wear. I think if anything, the Dry Touch Super pod may increase in absorbancy as it goes through more wash cycles.

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